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Finding a penny

Sometimes you stumble across a really valuable tip and just have to share it. I just got one such tip from Loftux in the IRC chat this morning: Back when we upgraded from 3.4.x to, we had a bunch … Continue reading

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Wearing earplugs

We recently upgraded to Alfresco While we’re definitely happy to be up on the new version (lots of nice new features), one issue has been bugging me: There’s an awful lot of noise in the log file. Back in … Continue reading

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Walking faster

Update 6/29/2012: Andrew Laurence did a nice write-up of the background behind these improvements for the TidBITS blog about a week ago. There are also some interesting comments there. In the recently-released Mac OS X 10.7.4 update, Apple has implemented … Continue reading

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Checking for Ticks

This is a follow-on post to my “Counting the Livestock” post from a couple of weeks ago. Reading that post first will give some background to this one. With many thanks to Alex Strachan and Chris Turner, I’ve been able … Continue reading

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Having a chat

Lately I’ve been hanging out a bit on the #Alfresco IRC chat. It’s quite a useful resource for quick answers from others in the community, and as moral support from others who know what you’re going through! I personally use … Continue reading

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Improving a trail

Last June, I posted instructions here for how to implement something closely approximating site quotas in Alfresco Share. With thanks to Antonio Soler, I made some pretty major improvements to and simplifications of that script last October. I’ve finally updated … Continue reading

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Counting the livestock [Updated]

Update 4/27/2012: See my more recent post Checking forĀ Ticks for a more up-to-date and capable version of the script in this post. Update 3/13/2012: Updated to make much faster, and to fix the “Files that have different sizes on disk … Continue reading

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