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Checking for Ticks

This is a follow-on post to my “Counting the Livestock” post from a couple of weeks ago. Reading that post first will give some background to this one. With many thanks to Alex Strachan and Chris Turner, I’ve been able … Continue reading

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Improving a trail

Last June, I posted instructions here for how to implement something closely approximating site quotas in Alfresco Share. With thanks to Antonio Soler, I made some pretty major improvements to and simplifications of that script last October. I’ve finally updated … Continue reading

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Counting the livestock [Updated]

Update 4/27/2012: See my more recent post Checking for Ticks for a more up-to-date and capable version of the script in this post. Update 3/13/2012: Updated to make much faster, and to fix the “Files that have different sizes on disk … Continue reading

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Bailing Hay

As you can tell from looking through the other posts on this site, we’ve made a number of customizations (cosmetic and otherwise) to our Alfresco instance. In order to make it easier to deploy these customizations on different servers (e.g., … Continue reading

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Taking a snapshot

I think it’s the case for many people that stuff you learn at work becomes useful at home too. Surprisingly enough, that’s turned out to be true for me as an Alfresco admin. A couple of months ago, my wife … Continue reading

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Staking a claim [Updated x2]

[Update March 2, 2012] The script below has been radically updated and simplified with thanks to Antonio Soler. This makes it much quicker and more reliable. One of the biggest problems we had with the out-of-the-box implementation of Alfresco is … Continue reading

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Exploring the woods

In the past couple of months, I’ve come to realize that having a template for a script that shows how to do walks around the tree that is the Alfresco repository is a really useful thing.  So, as a first … Continue reading

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